Christmas At Home

After three days in the hospital, we spent Thursday night resting at home. Grandma Lane stayed with us that night to make sure we were fine. Mommy was very glad to be home. She was also very glad for the Ambien the doctors had sent with her.

We spent Friday, Christmas Eve, having dinner at Nonno and Nonna Ferruzza’s house. I was really excited, I had never seen so much fish in my life. I know that Mommy loves fish and I wanted to try it all out! I was also excited because I got to spend time with all my family on my mother’s side. We had a fun time!

On Christmas Day, Grandma and Grandpa Lane came over to Mommy and Daddy’s house to celebrate with us. Aunt Sarah and Brian brought over a game called Mario Kart … Mommy and Grandma loved playing this game. It made me happy to see Mommy and Daddy happy!

That night, even though Mommy had taken Ambien, I woke her up at 3am. She tried to get comfortable so she could sleep through the night, but I wouldn’t let her. She got up to read but that also was not helping. She was feeling the same cramps she had felt in the hospital and did not think anything of it. Finally, at 4:30am, Mommy decided to call the hospital. Doctor Morningstar told Mommy that she should come to the hospital right away.

Mommy went upstairs, turned on the lights in the bedroom and told Daddy to get up, because it was time to go to the hospital. Even though Daddy had been sound asleep, when he heard those words he bolted upright and started moving. Mommy thought she had given Daddy a heart attack!

When we got to the hospital, the doctor checked Mommy and told her that she was 7 1/2 cm dilated!

It was time for delivery … really!

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