Knockout!It was the early morning of October 27, and Daddy had been imagining sounds downstairs all night. But he’s just crazy, and it was all in his head.

Later that morning, Mommy got up to shower before work. Since it takes her longer to get ready, she got up while Daddy was still asleep.

Then, around 6:30, Daddy heard a loud crashing sound. He immediately thought that somebody had broken in downstairs! He ran frantically to the bathroom to ask mommy if she’d heard the noise.

But Mommy hadn’t heard anything. In fact, she was very confused about anything that had happened in the last minute. Then she said “I think I passed out! I found myself on the floor of the shower!”

Daddy helped her to the bedroom and had her lay down while he called the doctor.

Later in the emergency room, the doctors had poked needles in Mommy’s arm, and put funny-looking stickers all over her. They said that mommy and I were both fine, and that I had kicked her vagus nerve, and that was what made her pass out!

Well, I don’t know about any vagus nerve but, yes friends, that morning I had been kicking very hard. You see, I had spent all summer watching mommy coach soccer, and I decided that I was big enough to start playing!

After our emergency room adventure, I kept practicing soccer, but I was more careful around anything that might be a “vagus nerve!”

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