The Perfect Ring

The Perfect RingAfter the adventure with the bad ring, Mommy and Daddy were still on the hunt for the perfect ring. We had already been to several jewlery stores, but none of them had a ring that caught their eye.

It was the day before we were supposed to go to the hospital for my induction, and Daddy really wanted Mommy to have the ring before I was born. So they decided to take one more tour of local jewlery stores. Mommy suggested that we go to Pittsford since there are so many jewelers there. They started with several of the larger stores, but still nothing really caught their eye. So they decided to try Blueground Jewlery in Pittsford Plaza. Neither of them have been there before but they were running out of options.

Mommy and Daddy went to the counter and asked if they had any blue topaz rings. The saleswoman brought out a tray of rings. The selection was small, but Mommy and Daddy could see that each ring was unique and beautiful. Still, nothing they saw was “just right.”

Then it happened!

The saleswoman realized that there was one lonely blue topaz ring that wasn’t in the tray with all the others. She pulled it out of the display and handed it to Mommy. Right away, Mommy and Daddy knew it was the one!

It had a beautiful, princess-cut, deep-blue topaz in the center with a diamond on each side. There was a heart on the setting right below the stone. All of us fell in love with the ring. So Mommy and Daddy bought it right on the spot. Daddy was very happy that they found a ring for Mommy!

By this point, I had made Mommy’s fingers pretty swollen, so she wore my ring on a necklace-chain around her neck. She hardly ever takes it off. In fact, if you look closely at my pictures, you’ll see that she even had the necklace on during my delivery!

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