Kicking Butt

As I grew bigger, so did Mommy’s tummy.

This made it tricky for Mommy and Daddy to find a comfortable way to sleep. Oh sure, every night daddy would go to bed and put his hand on Mommy’s belly and talk to me. But the bigger her belly got, the harder he found it to sleep that way.

Eventually, he started rolling over with his back to Mommy and me.

One night, I’d had just about enough of Daddy ignoring me. After all, bedtime was when I liked to wake up and play! So I told Mommy to roll over and face Daddy, who had his back to us. She snuggled up real close behind him, and …


“What the heck was that?” Daddy grumbled…

“That,” said Mommy, “was Dylan kicking you in the butt. I think he wants to play with you.”

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