The Big News

20120523-081002.jpgOn April 11, 2010, Mommy took a pregnancy test. Neither she nor Daddy could figure out the result … seriously. Two college-educated adults couldn’t read the thing! Everything you’ve seen in movies, where women are staring at the instructions like they are instructions for disabling an atomic reactor? It’s totally true.

“One line if you’re pregnant, two lines if you’re not.”

Sounds easy, but what if you have one solid line, and one very faint line that you could just be imagining? Mommy and Daddy didn’t know if they should be excited … but they did know they were confused. So a few hours later, Daddy sat down on the couch and waited patiently while Mommy took a digital pregnancy test upstairs. He sat and waited.

And waited … and waited …

Finally, he heard the bathroom door open, as Mommy started walking around upstairs, grabbing laundry and making the bed.

Five minutes later, Mommy came down the stairs and saw Daddy still sitting on the couch.

“Well?” he asked.

“Oh, I’m pregnant” she replied.

“When did you plan on telling me?”

“I just did.”


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