Delivery … Really!

StorkWe had just arrived at the hospital, and the doctors had told mommy that she was 7 1/2 cm dilated. “Today is going to be the day,” they said! So Daddy started calling all my grandparents, aunts, uncles, the photographer and our priest!

The nice nurses told Mommy that she could finally have an epidural. Whatever that is, she felt much better afterward. She hadn’t really been in a lot of pain, but the she’d been having cramps for five straight days, so she was happy that she could no longer feel those.

Mommy, Daddy and I had a LOT of visitors at the hospital that day. Nonno and Nonna Ferruzza were the first people there, then Grandpa and Grandma Lane showed up, then all my aunts and uncles, some great aunts and uncles, and even Great Grandpa John! They all wanted to be there for Mommy, but they let her rest since I was ready to come out, and Mommy needed her strength!

Mommy was eventually 10 cm dilated, but her water had not broken and I still had not dropped. The doctors said that because of my condition they would not break her water. They needed to wait for it to break on its own before Mommy could start pushing. It seemed like forever, but finally …

At 3 pm, Mommy’s water finally broke … and in epic fashion! It was so loud, and so much, that the Nurse, Daddy and Nonna all gasped when it happened! Daddy says that it was almost cartoonish. Nonna was at the foot of the bed and said that she would have been splashed by it if Mommy hadn’t been covered by a blanket! Even the nurse said that it was probably a hospital record, and couldn’t stop telling the doctors how “unbelievable” it was. Daddy told Mommy that they were going to take a picture of her and put it up on the wall … All-Time Water-Break Record-Holder!

All I knew was that I was ready to come out, and that Mommy was finally pushing.

SleepingAt 3:40 pm, on the Feast of the Holy Family, I was born into heaven. The doctors immediately handed me to Mommy so she could hold me. Mommy said that she felt a sense of calm when she saw me, and called me “precious.” I think I saw a few tears fall down Daddy’s face, but both of them looked very happy. They had so much love in their eyes.

At 4:30pm, the doctors were done fixing Mommy up, so they let in Father Tim, Nonno & Nonna Ferruzza, Grandpa & Grandma Lane, Zia Amalia, Zio Mario and Aunt Sarah. Father Tim performed a blessing over me, prayed with my family and then left so the rest of the family could spend time with me. Zio Mario kept taking pictures of me with my family … grandparents, aunts, uncles, Mommy and Daddy. I also took pictures with some great uncles, great aunts, cousins, and great grandpa John. I had a blast!! When that was all done, our friend Ken came in to take pictures of me with Mommy and Daddy.

I am thankful that there are such beautiful pictures of me with all my family, so they could be shared with everyone. I am also very lucky to have talented grandmothers! Nonna made the hat that I am wearing in all the pictures, she also made the outfit that I was buried in. The blanket in all my pictures was given to me by Grandma Lane. She also made a quilt for Mommy and Daddy to remember me by.

Even though I am not with you right now, I am watching over you. I love you all!

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