Telling The Family

UltrasoundMommy and Daddy went to the doctor’s at the end of April, the doctor confirmed that Mommy was pregnant. They were very excited. The very next day, Nonno and Nonna Ferruzza came over to our house, so Mommy and Daddy told them. They also told Zia Amalia and Zio Mario. Zia Amalia was especially excited because she was also pregnant with my cousin Adriana! Mommy and Daddy went to visit with Grandpa and Grandma Lane that weekend. Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Sarah were very, very excited.

On May 14th, Mommy and Daddy got their first glance at me. They started calling me “peanut,” which was a name that stuck with me for much of the pregnancy. Once they got pictures, they went straight to Nonno and Nonna’s house to show them. They also uploaded the photos to show Grandpa and Grandma Lane.

Everyone was thrilled to see the photos … although not everyone was quite sure which way was up!

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