Dylan Picks The Seahawks

SeahawksIn late August, I started kicking hard enough for Daddy to feel. About this time, he started talking to me a lot about something called “football.” I didn’t understand it completely, but I got the basic idea.

A few days before the football games started, on an evening when I was doing a lot of kicking, Daddy asked me who I thought would win the Superbowl that year. He said that he would start naming different teams, and that I should kick when I heard the name of the winning team.

He started with some names like “Patriots,” “Saints,” and “Steelers” but I refused to kick, even though he gave me long pauses to kick. As he got to names like “Chargers” and “Dolphins,” he started leaving me less time to kick between names.

Finally, he started hurrying through teams like “Browns,” and “Bills” before I heard the one I liked …

“Seahawks” he said … and I kicked as hard as I could, before he could rush on to another team! Daddy laughed, told me that the Seahawks were an awful team, and mentioned something about getting me to watch more ESPN … whatever that is.

The next morning, Daddy told Mommy and all his friends who I had picked. They all thought it was pretty crazy except for Mommy. She said that Daddy should go bet a hundred dollars on the Seahawks. He didn’t. But he and Mommy swore that if the Seahawks won the Superbowl, they’d become lifelong fans.

Five months later, on the day before my funeral, the Seahawks became the first team to ever go to the playoffs with a losing record.

On January 8, they defeated the reigning Superbowl champion New Orleans Saints, and advanced to the next round of the playoffs.

Unfortunately, the Seahawk’s Cinderella-season came to an end the following week, as they lost to the Chicago Bears 24-35. Still, the Seahawks made me, Mommy and Daddy very proud. In fact, Mommy and Daddy still keep their eyes open for discount Marshawn Lynch jerseys!

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