The Bad Ring

It was early December, and my due-date was approaching quickly. Daddy wanted Mommy to have something special to commemorate my birth; something that she could always keep with her. He knew that something called “mother’s rings” existed, but he didn’t know much more than that.

Bad Ring

The ring Daddy thought he was buying

So Daddy marched off to the store where he and Mommy have bought all their jewelry. He ordered a beautiful stackable ring with my birthstone – blue topaz – in it. He sent a picture to my aunts Sarah, Elizabeth and Jen. They all agreed it was beautiful and that he had made a very good choice!

Cracker Jack

Approximate quality of the ring that arrived

Then … it arrived.

Daddy’s heart sank when he saw the ring. “I’m not exactly sure this is what I ordered,” he told the lady at the jewelry store. She laughed, apparently thinking that he was joking. Now one thing you must understand is that Daddy, like most men, is uncomfortable in jewelry stores. He quickly decided that it would probably look better at home. And after all, three women whose opinions he trusted had all assured him that this was a good choice!

It didn’t look any better at home. The “blue topaz” was hardly blue at all – it looked completely transparent. And the ring itself was much thinner than he’d expected; although he should have known better. After all, this ring is supposed to be stacked with others!

Daddy finally caved. He showed Mommy the picture he had been looking at when he ordered the ring. “It’s beautiful!” she said. Then he showed her the ring had actually been delivered. “That is NOT the same ring,” she confirmed.

Daddy returned the ring the next day, and the hunt for the perfect ring resumed.

To be continued …

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