Big-Eyed Animals

Sometime in early November, Mommy and Daddy were at Barnes and Noble doing some early Christmas shopping. Eventually, they made their way to the children’s section, where Mommy found the cutest little monkey named Coco.

Mommy loved Coco from the moment she saw him. She thought that he would be a perfect friend for me. Daddy was a little skeptical at first, but once he saw how much Mommy loved Coco, he agreed that Coco would be perfect for me.

Not only did they bring Coco home, but they brought home a lot of friends for him as well! I got to hang out with Scraps (a puppy), Safari (a giraffe), Blueberry (a purple monkey), Cookie (another puppy) and Coco’s twin brother … Coco-2. I had so much fun with them all, but Coco was by far my favorite.

Coco is my bestest bud; he was buried with me to keep me company.

On the day of my funeral, Mommy and Daddy gave most of my friends new homes. Blueberry went to live with Grandma Lane. Cookie went the farthest – all the way to Washington DC to live with Aunt Sarah. Scraps and Safari live with my cousins Dominic and Adriana. And of course, Coco-2 stayed with Mommy and Daddy to keep them company.

On Scraps’ first night with my cousin Dominic, Zia Amalia suggested that Dominic give his new puppy a goodnight kiss. Dominic smiled at his new puppy, said “baby,” and gave Scraps a kiss.

I know that all my friends are very happy in their new homes!

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