The Dog Tag

Dog TagWhile Daddy was looking for a ring for Mommy, she was trying to find something for Daddy to remember me by.

Mommy was home from work for 2 weeks before induction. During that time she was scouring the internet trying to find something that Daddy would wear to remember me by. She finally found the perfect gift: a “dog tag” necklace. I’m not sure why it’s called that since my Daddy is not a dog, but I trusted Mommy’s judgement.

She engraved the front of the “dog tag” with my initials, DJL, and the back of it with “In our hearts, forever”.

Mommy was positive that Daddy would love the necklace, and so was I. But we were very disappointed that the necklace would not arrive until the 23rd of December since we wanted Daddy to have it by the time we all went into the hospital.

Mommy sent the necklace to Zia Amalia’s house since she was not sure they would be home for Christmas. Zia promised to wrap it and bring it to the hospital as soon as it arrived. When Daddy got the necklace for Christmas, he was very surprised to receive it. He wears the necklace over his heart every day which makes me happy!

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